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Aerial Inspection Service

Building Inspection work, 2D photo-realistic scale maps of your property.
Any task where you require an aerial view on a subject.


Scale maps can be created from a mosaic of aerial photos of your site using advanced Pix4Dmapper software.
This image is created from a collection of photos of the farm, which are then corrected for perspective and resized to produce a map that can be accurate to a few centimetres.  All the buildings in this image are now displayed exactly vertically, so this is now a photo-realistic scale map from which dimensions can be read.

For building Inspections, we can work alongside you on site.  We will fly the drone and control the camera whilst you review it on a live feed and direct what you need to see.  All images and video can given to you on the same day.
Alternatively we can survey the entire subject area ourselves according to your specifications and deliver the photos and video to you.

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Contact us today by phone or email to discuss what you are looking for.  Or just phone for a chat and we can take you through some of the current capabilities of professional Camera Drones and the results that can be achieved.

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