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Surveying & Mapping

Creating accurate Digital Surface Models of land sites from aerial photo surveys and ground reference points

Topographic Maps

The Digital Surface Model (DSM) of the ground can be used to create contour maps.  The photos of the site are stitched together and projected onto a flat plane to give a photo-realistic map of the site.

The photo-realistic map is dimensionally accurate and can be exported in to AutoCAD or any other GIS software.  The dimensions and areas of sections of your site can then be read to an accuracy of a few centimetres.  This map can be given to you as  GeoTIFF file, where each pixel contains its co-ordinates and elevation.  You can then generate your own contour plots from this according to your company's usual standards.

Instead of just using drones to capture aerial photographs for Progress Reports, the resulting photo-map of the site also contains quantitative data to check site levels, road widths, etc.

Site Levels, Volumes, Contour Maps

A dimensionally accurate digital model of the ground is made from aerial photos taken from survey-quality Drones.

Site levels, contour plots, mound and ditch volume measurements can be made quickly and accurately from the digital model.


Ground control points are produced using traditional instruments and then combined with the photo-derived data to ensure accuracy of the results.  Your current site Survey Stations will need to referenced in most cases.

Advanced photogrammetry software, mostly Pix4Dmapper, is used to produce the digital model.  The results can be produced in formats compatible with AutoCAD.

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