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Aerial Filming & Photography
Promotional Videos

We fly a range of drone types to produce Promotional Media for your business.  We can also take ground based film and edit all the footage into a final, ready-to-publish product.

From two minute videos for embedding in your own website, to full presentations that build a picture of holidaying at your facility.

A Standard shoot will involve one pilot-camera man on site for one to two hours producing the classic aerial shots - Orbit flights, Reveal shots which show the property in its surrounding context, Spiral Climbing footage, etc.  One or two additional features will also be shot and compiled into a succinct and impacting video.

An Enhanced shoot, like the one shown above of a holiday cottage near the Isle of Bute, involves many more views, nearby attractions and a much greater time spent in post-production to compose a thorough presentation of the facility.  A professional photographer will direct the shoot with the pilot and provide complementing ground footage.

As well as experienced pilots we also have expert photographers and video editors.

We can take footage for you according to your existing plans and leave that with you to process.  Or we can perform the entire operation for you, from generating ideas to final publishable media. 

We will discuss your needs, create different options for you and produce the appropriate footage.  The final product will be clipped together and revised as required to meet your needs.  We can also call on professional musicians to produce original music to accompany the footage if required.

All the drone footage on this site, including the background images and video, have been produced by ourselves.

Port-An-Eillean HOLIDAY COTTAGE Colintraive Argyll SCOTLAND UHD 4K - Top package with full post-processing

Port-An-Eillean HOLIDAY COTTAGE Colintraive Argyll SCOTLAND UHD 4K - Top package with full post-processing

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The original video was recorded in 4K, 30fps & 60fps using a DJI Inspire 1 X5 & Parrot Anafi.  This production piece was published in HD 1080p

(The wildlife in this video were shot at and near this property - not guaranteed of course, some luck is required with these extras!)

Holiday Cottages, AirBnB, Hotels - Promotional videos
Estate Agents - Aerial Property Marketing Videos & Photographs

Aerial footage and photos can really enhance the presentation of some properties.  We offer a standard package and also an enhanced production version which will integrate ground and air footage of the property with an artistic flair to emphasize the character features of a property.


Standard Package:

Aerial photos of the property building typically from six directions and photos of the land and any other features or out-houses.

Video showing orbits around the house and views of its surroundings and garden features.

These will all be tailored to the type of property and its features.

We fly a variety of drone types to meet with the CAA laws in urban and countryside settings.


Enhanced Package:

Like the standard package but ideal for feature houses and large plots.

Three to four hours will be spent on site with the drone pilot and photographer capturing all the unique features of the property and composing a video that brings these together to fully show its character.

The example here is for the same property shown above, but with extra flights showing the woodland and river that were part of this modernised farm house lot.

Appropriate music, original if required, and as many revisions as the client needs to show their property in the best way.

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Photography Examples

Landscapes and Scenery

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